Petrol car ban: "Companies need to say goodbye car engines as we know it"

4 February 2020, 21:20

Renewable energy chief Juliet Davenport explained why companies need to "say goodbye to the internal combustion engine."

The ban on selling new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars will be brought forward five years from 2040 to 2035, the Prime Minister has announced.

Good Energy chief executive Juliet Davenport says automobile brands who currently do not focus on electric car designing need to "take it seriously and say goodbye to the internal combustion engine."

Iain Dale pointed out a key factor is adding more electric charging points and questioned how many can be found on major motorways.

Ms Davenport said the charging network has "doubled in the last two years, it still needs to go further but it's getting there."

"There are now 14,000 charging points in the UK."

Iain also commented on the "odd" timing of Boris Johnson's climate change speech after COP26 climate summit President Claire Perry was recently sacked and asked Ms Davenport about Michael Gove's capability to take over.

Ms Davenport said a poll she ran on Twitter today saw Mr Gove come out as a top potential as he carries a lot of credibility.

Reflecting on how well she believes the Glasgow hosted COP will go, she sighed and said the UK need to get on with it and pull it out of the bag. However she credited David Attenborough as an example of "brilliant capability." o