Police should Taser people on the street then "fire something more permanent," says former crime commissioner

27 March 2020, 15:33

Former crime commissioner proposed Tasers or "something more permanent" for those who don't obey lockdown rules

By Fiona Jones

A former crime commissioner told Iain Dale police should Taser people who don't obey lockdown rules and if they still don't comply, the police should "fire something at them which makes them comply permanently."

Former Detective Chief Superintendent Kevin Hurley called the police powers brought in to restrict movement "weak, insipid and they will be very difficult to use."

This includes the police being able to fine people £60 or £120 for disobeying lockdown rules and also having the power to disperse groups and check reasons for travelling.

Mr Hurley said the police cannot possibly enforce this lockdown in a "normal way", especially with their forces depleted due to illness, self-isolation and childcare issues.

"We need to be able to take instant on-the-spot sanctions on the street with people because the police cannot afford to get involved in rolling around and fighting with people who then infect them.

"Then they take them to the police station where they then contaminate the police station, contaminate the cells, contaminate all the other prisoners."

Iain said he was "appalled" by Kevin Hurley&squot;s proposed sanctions
Iain said he was "appalled" by Kevin Hurley's proposed sanctions. Picture: LBC/PA

The former DCS said a warning should be given to pedestrians, then a fine, and then, if they still don't comply, pedestrians should be Tasered.

"If they still don't comply fire baton rounds at them, if they still don't comply fire something at them which makes them comply permanently," Mr Hurley said, "because we're talking about thousands of people dying, this isn't a joke anymore."

Iain was shocked, "You're talking about effectively imposing martial law and the police don't have the powers to do the sort of thing you're suggesting. I'm slightly appalled that as a former Police and Crime Commissioner you're even suggesting that."

"You tell me how you're going to stop tens of thousands of people dying then," said the former DCS.

"Firing baton rounds isn't going to stop people dying, is it? It's going to make more people die," said Iain and said we should wait to see how the measures in place work before proposing heavier sanctions.

Mr Hurley said people who think it is acceptable to stab people are not going to be deterred by these £60 fines.