Refusing the Covid jab is 'definitely selfish', says journalist Benjamin Butterworth

4 August 2021, 22:28

By Sam Sholli

Journalist Benjamin Butterworth has told LBC it's definitely selfish" to refuse the Covid vaccine.

Mr Butterworth made the remark while appearing on LBC's Cross Question, in response to a question posed by LBC listener Nick in Dulwich.

Nick asked: "Do the panel agree that people who refuse the vaccine are being selfish because effectively they are dependent upon all the other people who do have the vaccine?"

In response to the question, Mr Butterworth said: "Well, I think it's definitely selfish.

"But the thing that has kind of made me feel ashamed as someone in my 20s is that a third of people in my age bracket still haven't had the vaccine."

He also said he's "ashamed to be a young person at this time" because he thinks "there is a group of people who simply can't be bothered to get it" and "who they think they're not at any serious risk from Covid, which is true" but who "don't want to get it because of that because they seemingly don't care about the effects on the rest of society".