Remainer Passionately Explains Why She’s Happy With A No-Deal Brexit

28 February 2019, 08:33

Nimco Ali voted Remain at the EU Referendum. But she told LBC why she would now be happy with a no-deal Brexit.

The campaigner believes it should not be seen as far-right trait to have pride and belief in your country.

Speaking to Iain Dale, she said: "I voted Remain and a lot of my peers who voted Remain are very much about leaving now because we've seen how the EU is treating us right now.

"I am happy with a no-deal Brexit. Come March 29th, I think we should just leave.

"This is from someone who voted Remain and who cried for two and half months about the fact that we voted Leave.

Nimco Ali told LBC why she now supports a no-deal Brexit
Nimco Ali told LBC why she now supports a no-deal Brexit. Picture: LBC

"I assumed as a Remainer that all the people who voted Leave were racist and hated people like me and were very Little Britain.

"In the last two years and a half years, I've spent time meeting a lot of young people who voted Leave and who believe in this country, who just like my people in Somaliland, believe in their own country.

"So I'm actually happy with a no-deal Brexit."

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