Rishi Sunak's budget was 'very clever politically', says economist

27 October 2021, 22:04

By Sam Sholli

Rishi Sunak's budget was 'very clever politically', economist Ian McCafferty has said.

The economist's comment comes after Chancellor Rishi Sunak earlier today revealed his autumn budget to MPs.

Mr McCafferty made the remark while appearing on LBC's Cross Question.

In response to being asked about the budget by LBC's Iain Dale, Mr McCafferty: said: "Well, I thought it was a clever budget, very clever politically and very well-delivered."

Later in his response, he also said: "Essentially we're now entering an era of much bigger government both in terms of the tax level as a proportion of GDP and in terms of the spending as a proportion of GDP.

"We're moving now to the highest levels for a generation and more, and I think that's going to be with us for quite some time."

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