Sian Berry: Greens don't support Liberal Democrat's Brexit policy

10 November 2019, 13:22 | Updated: 10 November 2019, 13:24

The Co-Leader of the Green Party, said that, despite them standing down for Liberal Democrat candidates in the General Election, they don't agree with their Brexit stance.

Iain Dale asked: "What's your view on Jo Swinson saying yesterday that a Lib Dem government would revoke article 50 on day one?"

Berry replied: "We don't agree with that policy. I mean, we are working with them in the Unite to Remain agreement but we've been quite clear that we don't agree that revoking without going back to the people is the right thing.

"We want to see further democracy. We want to see the people given a final say.

"We're confident there's a Remain majority in the country.

We want to finish off the process of putting a deal versus remaining in the EU back to people and that's that's been our policy since the very start."

Sian Berry tells LBC Greens don't support Liberal Democrat's Brexit policy
Sian Berry tells LBC Greens don't support Liberal Democrat's Brexit policy. Picture: PA

Iain asked: "If it's such a bad policy to revoke Article 50, why are you standing down candidates for the Liberal Democrats?"

Berry said: "They keep clarifying that that would be the case only if there's a Liberal Democrat majority.

"So when when you say to them like that's a bit extreme. They go only if there's a majority, we'll have a people's vote otherwise.

"It's muddied the waters as far as their policy is concerned.

"We'll be working to make sure they enact a people's vote and that we get into that group in Parliament that's going to keep doing what's been happening quite well in Parliament in the very last throws of Parliament.

Where people have actually been getting together to put sensible amendments, working together with Labour and with other parties to make sure that that the people's vote goes into whatever legislation comes forward on on Brexit."