This Powerful Zimbabwe Text Leaves Iain Dale With A Lump In His Throat

21 November 2017, 17:43

Iain Dale was almost reduced to tears when he read out an incredibly powerful text from a Zimbabwean.

The LBC presenter received the anonymous message from a listener who had moved to Britain 25 years ago,

The sender thanked England for “keeping us safe” but added “I feel my duty is back home now” after it was announced Robert Mugabe had resigned.

Mr Mugabe said he had chosen to step down "to allow the smooth transfer of power" and made the decision voluntarily.

The announcement has sparked jubilant scenes in Zimbabwean capital Harare, where protesters had gathered to call for the 93-year-old to be removed from office.

Iain Dale
Picture: LBC

Iain was visibly moved as he read out the grateful text message, which read in full: “I’m sitting in my car with tears.

“We’ve waited so many years for this man to go, now he has finally gone.

“We’ve all had something lift from our hearts, I just hope that we Zimbabweans can now work together no matter their colour or religion.

“It is so sad that so many had to die waiting for him to get kicked out, I’ve lived in this country for 25 years and I love England but I feel my duty is back home now in my country of birth.

“Thank you England for keeping us safe over these years.

Watch the powerful moment in full above.