Transport Minister: It's Good The Rail System Is Being Scrutinised

3 July 2018, 17:18

The minister for roads Jesse Norman told Iain Dale that it's good the rail network is being "properly scrutinised" after the amended train timetables caused severe delays and cancelations to commuters.

A transport minister says it's good that the rail network is being "properly reviewed and scrutinised" as he defended the challenges the department for transport face over the new train timetables.

Jesse Norman told Iain Dale that a "set of circumstances that was not foreseen" had let a "sequence of events which have caused incredible pain to consumers."

The minister for roads said: "What is good is that the system is being properly reviewed and scrutinised now."

"And I have no doubt, and it would be a very Smithian lesson if the lessons were properly learned and then the incentives properly reset."