Watch: Government's Covid-19 strategy simplified by viral videomaker

15 March 2020, 12:27

By Seán Hickey

The creator of a viral video explaining the UK's coronavirus strategy joined Iain Dale to explain how the government will deal with Covid-19.

Robert admitted that he has no knowledge of epidemiology but has knowledge of evidence-based medicine as a podiatrist.

The podiatrist began by assuring Iain that in comparison to other European countries "we are still relatively low as far as Covid cases are concerned".

He argued that if the UK was to quarantine similarly to Italy and Spain, "we can't do that forever" and that there could be long term problems.

"There are medical, social, psychological implications for keeping everyone at home" and if the UK was to do the same, it could result in another shutdown further down the line.

Robert stated that "you cant take kids off school for four months" the same way there is a proposal to keep the elderly in quarantine for four months.

Covid 19 UK response

Iain was wondering if by that logic, other countries have "done the wrong thing" by closing down borders.

Robert shied away from criticising the actions of any other country and made the point that "every society is different and has different challenges" when it comes to coronavirus.

The healthcare professional commended the WHO's advice that each individual country should "strike its own balance between societal impact and medical necessity".