Watch in full: Kathleen Stock speaks to LBC

16 December 2021, 21:26 | Updated: 16 December 2021, 21:37

Kathleen Stock speaks to LBC

By Tim Dodd

The former Sussex University professor Kathleen Stock, who resigned after protests over her views on gender identity, spoke to Iain Dale - and you can watch it in full here.

Kathleen Stock, a professor of philosophy, left the university after what she called "an absolutely horrible time" and "a very difficult few years".

Prof Stock recently published a book questioning the idea that gender identity is more "socially significant" than biological sex. 

She rejects the claim that she or her work is transphobic.

"Why are you basically here?" Iain Dale asked.

Ms Stock explained that after she shared her views on "gender self-ID" she began to get "flack".

"I was worried, along with lots of other people, mostly women, that [gender self-ID] would make a difference in practice, because being a women, normally as understood in terms of sex, grants you access to changing rooms, domestic violence refuges, rape crisis shelters, prisons and so on," she said.

"And the idea was that this was all going to be unpicked and changed."