Young Ex-Tory Member Tells LBC The Party "Now Needs To Die"

16 October 2017, 18:49

Alex joined the Conservative Party at 16 and quit just two years later. Now aged 24, he tells LBC why he thinks the party “needs to die”.

The caller told Iain Dale the Tories no longer “stand for anything” and it “hasn’t produced an innovative policy in an incredibly long time”.

He was speaking as it was reported Philip Hammond is planning a Budget raid on older workers to pay for tax breaks for younger people.

It’s understood the Chancellor is looking at way to link tax to age to promote “intergenerational fairness” in next month’s Budget.

However, Alex said Mr Hammond’s move was not for the “benefit of the country”, but instead because he “wants to do it for himself because his party is losing ground to Labour”.

“I think the Conservative Party nowadays is entirely about maintaining the status quo,” he told Iain.

Alex said he is no longer affiliated with any political party.

He added: “Looking at the Tories, look at Labour, the Lib Dems - there are no good choices.

“All of the parties are totally old fashioned and there’s far too much tribalism.”