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President Biden Holds News Conference After Summit with Chinese President Xi In San Francisco

'Israel's war in Gaza will stop once Hamas loses capacity to murder', Joe Biden says

Joe Biden has passed a new executive order establishing regulations on AI

Joe Biden grew more worried about AI after watching new Mission Impossible movie, White House says

US President Joe Biden addresses the nation

'America is a beacon to the world, still': Joe Biden to ask Congress for urgent aid for Israel and Ukraine

President Biden said it appears last night's hospital strike was a misfired Hamas rocket

Joe Biden describes the 'shock, pain and rage' of Hamas attack on Israel and compares it to 'fifteen 9/11s'

The Israeli PM greeted Biden in Israel amid concerns of a wider conflict in the Middle East

Joe Biden says Gaza hospital blast 'appears to have been caused by the other team' as he stands alongside Israeli PM

Joe Biden will visit Israel on Wednesday

Joe Biden to visit Israel on Wednesday in show of support in war against Hamas

Joe Biden faces an impeachment inquiry

Impeachment inquiry to be opened against Joe Biden as Republicans accuse US president of corruption

Joe Biden was interrupted by his press secretary but continued speaking with a muted microphone.

Joe Biden's 'rambling' speech during Vietnam press conference cut short by White House staff

Donald Trump has challenged Meghan Markle to a debate

Donald Trump challenges Meghan Markle to debate as he accuses her of being 'disrespectful' to late Queen

Hunter Biden may be indicted by the end of September

Prosecutors aim to indict US president's son Hunter Biden 'by the end of the month'

Former President Trump Speaks At The South Carolina GOP Silver Elephant Dinner In Columbia

Donald Trump slams Fox News demanding they stop using photos of him looking 'big and orange'

Maui, in Hawaii, is ablaze after a hurricane fanned the flames

'Heartbreaking day': At least 55 dead after wildfires hit Hawaii as governor warns death toll will continue to rise

It is understood that FBI agents shot and killed a man who allegedly made threats against the US president.

FBI agents shoot and kill man suspected of threatening Joe Biden ahead of president's Utah visit

Trump Jr denounced the prosecution of his father, former President Donald Trump, for charges relating to interference in the 2020 election.

'We are living in a banana republic': Donald Trump Jr claims his father's third indictment is because he leads in polls

President Biden's son Hunter

Plea deal for President Joe Biden's son Hunter collapses in court as judge refuses to sign it off

Harry and Meghan asked to return back to the US with the Bidens

Harry and Meghan 'asked to return to US on Air Force One with the Bidens' after Queen's funeral

Ukraine could get more long range weapons

Joe Biden admits he is considering sending Ukraine long range missiles that could hit Russia

Tonight with Andrew Marr on Monday

Andrew Marr: Even Joe Biden thinks Ukraine joining NATO may be a step too far

Joe Biden met Rishi Sunak and King Charles on a visit to the UK

Joe Biden dismisses 'anti-British' claims as he meets King Charles and Rishi Sunak on whistle-stop UK trip

King Charles and Joe Biden meet at Windsor Castle after talks with Rishi Sunak.

King Charles greets Joe Biden at Windsor Castle after hailing ‘rock solid’ US-UK ties - dismissing ‘anti-British’ claims

Joe Biden meets Rishi Sunak in Downing Street

Joe Biden hails ‘rock solid’ relationship with UK as he meets Rishi Sunak amid row over cluster bombs

Joe Biden (l) arriving in Britain will hold talks with Rishi Sunak and King Charles amid row over cluster bombs in Ukraine

Joe Biden to meet Rishi Sunak and King Charles ahead of Nato summit - amid row over cluster bombs

Biden will have crunch talks with Rishi Sunak while in the UK before proceeding to a NATO summit in Vilnius

Joe Biden arrives in Britain for talks amid growing row over cluster bombs for Ukraine

Joe Biden backs Ursula von der Leyen for Nato chief instead of Ben Wallace

Joe Biden backs Ursula von Der Leyen for next Nato chief after Ben Wallace’s candidacy was blocked

Wallace, a former Army officer, was among the favourites to succeed Stoltenberg after rallying global support for Ukraine and leading the charge on weapon donations, from Challenger 2 tanks to NLAW shoulder-launched missiles.

'It's not going to happen': Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says he's not going to be the next Nato boss

President Biden's son Hunter

President Biden's son Hunter charged with federal tax and weapons offences

Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden announced the partnership today.

Britain and America hail new 'special relationship' after signing 'Atlantic declaration' economic agreement

Mr Sunak has denied breaking a promise to sign a US trade deal

Rishi Sunak blames pandemic and Ukraine war for not striking US trade deal

Joe Biden is reportedly working to declassify some intelligence on the matter.

Sunak says bombing of dam could be 'new low' for Russia as US intelligence ‘leans towards’ Kremlin being behind attack

Joe Biden has tripped and fallen on stage at a graduation ceremony in a US Air Force academy.

Joe Biden trips and falls during Air Force graduation ceremony

Joe Biden visited Ireland last month

Joe Biden says he went to Ireland 'to make sure the Brits didn't screw around'

President Biden made a characteristic gaffe in Dundalk

Joe Biden makes Ireland gaffe as he confuses the All Blacks with the Black and Tans