'We have a rigged country': Donald Trump slams state of America during cafe visit after historic court appearance

13 June 2023, 19:02 | Updated: 14 June 2023, 00:29

Donald Trump showed up to a cafe in Little Havana, Miami, following his court appearance
Donald Trump showed up to a cafe in Little Havana, Miami, following his court appearance. Picture: Getty
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

Donald Trump has labelled the United States a "rigged country" after he pleaded not guilty to the 37 charges accusing him of stashing classified intelligence documents.

The former US President faces dozens of charges accusing him of illegally hoarding classified documents, including those related to nuclear secrets.

He also stands accused of thwarting the US Justice Department's efforts to get the classified documents back.

Speaking during an impromptu visit to a local bakery in Little Havana, Mr Trump said: "We have a rigged country.

"We have a country that's corrupt, we have a country that's got no borders, we have a country that's got nothing but problems.

"We're a nation in decline and then they do this stuff.

"We love the people and you see the crowds, we have a country that's in decline like never before and we can't let it happen.

"I'm going to make a little speech tonight in Bedminster, I hope you're going to be there."

He has since left Miami for New Jersey, where he is expected to make a speech.

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During his historic court appearance, on Mr Trump's behalf, Todd Blanche entered the plea.

"We are certainly entering a plea of not guilty," Mr Blanche told the courtroom.

Mr Trump - the first former US President to face federal criminal prosecution - previously said he will plead not guilty to the 37 charges against him.

Former White House Secretary argues Biden has removed classified documents too

During his drive to the courthouse, Mr Trump shared his fury over his court appearance, writing a Truth Social post saying: "ON MY WAY TO COURTHOUSE. WITCH HUNT!!! MAGA."

The department published photos last week showing documents stashed inside his bathroom at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Meanwhile, Alina Habba, a spokeswoman and lawyer for Mr Trump, defended the disgraced president outside the courthouse with proceedings imminent.

"The decision to pursue charges against President Trump, while turning a blind eye to others, is emblemantic of the corruption that we have here," she said.

"We are at a turning point in our nation’s history (with) the targeting prosecution of a leading political opponent."

Ms Habba likened her client's situation to one that would be seen in Cuba, saying Americans should be "terrified".

Alina Habba, Mr Trump's attorney (R)
Alina Habba, Mr Trump's attorney (R). Picture: Getty

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Mr Trump's aide Walt Nauta has also been processed, who is charged in the indictment as Trump's co-conspirator.

Proceedings in court started at around 3pm local time - 8pm in the UK.

Following his court appearance, Mr Trump will fly to his home in New Jersey, where he will hold a rally.