Pub in golliwog row 'barred from Good Beer Guide and from future awards'

12 April 2023, 15:57 | Updated: 12 April 2023, 16:07

The couple has displayed golliwogs in their pub
The couple has displayed golliwogs in their pub. Picture: Facebook

By Asher McShane

The pub at a centre of a row over a display of racist golliwog dolls has been barred from featuring in the definitive list of the UK's best pubs.

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The White Hart in Grays, Essex, has been blocked from featuring in future editions of Camra's Good Beer Guide, until the dolls are removed, the group announced today.

Camra said in a statement today that the pub would also not be included for consideration for any awards in future until the dolls were gone.

"CAMRA believes pubs should be welcoming and inclusive places and it's baffling that any pub would choose to discriminate against customers or potential customers by continuing to display offensive material," a statement said.

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"We are currently discussing why this guidance was seemingly ignored by our South West Essex branch & instructing them not to consider the White Hart, Grays, Essex, for future awards, or inclusion in our Good Beer Guide, while these discriminatory dolls continue to be on display."

The pub's landlady today was forced to deny her husband was a Britain First supporter - after a picture emerged of him wearing a Britain first shirt. Explaining his actions she said it was just "convenient" for him to have it on.

Benice Ryley promised to replace her collection of the dolls, viewed by many as racist, after Essex Police seized them during an investigation into an alleged hate crime.

Ms Ryley, who runs the White Hart Inn in Grays, says they are not racist and remained adamant that she will keep displaying dolls.

Her husband, Chris, who holds the pub's licence, will be interviewed by officers when he gets back from their holiday home in Turkey.

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Mrs Ryley said she and her husband are not racist "in any form".

She told The Guardian that he had been pictured in a Britain First shirt but did not back the far-right group.

"I don't think Chris is a supporter of Britain First, he was just wearing that shirt because it was convenient at the time," she said.

The Ryleys have denied their golliwogs are racist
The Ryleys have denied their golliwogs are racist. Picture: Facebook

Mr Ryley's Facebook account also commented "they used to hang them in Mississippi years ago" when his wife asked "are you sure this is legal lol" after he posted a photo of the golliwogs displayed in the pub.

The 62-year-old said she will put the dolls back, saying: "I'm getting a notice printed saying 'we've got gollies on display, if you find this offensive please don’t come in'. If they don't like them they can walk out the door."

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The row over the display generated fury from critics who say golliwogs are horrendously out of date and offensive to black people.

The pub is at the centre of controversy over the dolls
The pub is at the centre of controversy over the dolls. Picture: Facebook
The dolls are viewed by critics as racist
The dolls are viewed by critics as racist. Picture: Facebook

Amid suggestions Suella Braverman was intervening in the case, Essex Police said they had not received any complaint.

An adviser did ask for details about the raid.

But a spokesman said: "The people who the home secretary would be in touch with in our force would be the deputy chief constable and the chief constable. Neither of them have had any contact with her.

"We have not had any contact that we would deem official with the Home Office."