'It's not a joke, it's a provocation!': Argentina launches another attack on Britain amid Falklands row

4 December 2023, 17:55 | Updated: 4 December 2023, 18:01

In his victory speech in November, Mr Milei promised Argentina that "the reconstruction of Argentina begins."
In his victory speech in November, Mr Milei promised Argentina that "the reconstruction of Argentina begins.". Picture: Alamy
Jasmine Moody

By Jasmine Moody

Argentina has accused the UK of "provocation" over the Falkland Islands as Britain "stands firmly" with the Island’s right to self-determination.

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The relationship between Buenos Aires and London has been tense since Javier Milei, a right-wing libertarian economist was elected as president of Argentina.

The argument between Britain and Argentina started when the new president said in a debate that Argentina should have control of the islands, which it calls Las Malvinas.

Mr Milei has already described Argentina has claimed sovereignty over the islands, which are home to some 3,500 people, as "non-negotiable".

On Thursday 30 November, Britain’s foreign office minister David Rutley arrived at the Falklands' capital, Stanley, to show the UK support for the island’s right to remain British.

Mr Milei refused to meet with Mr Rutley and claimed the Foreign Minister’s visit took place "in the context of the illegal British occupation of the Malvinas".

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There, Mr Rutley issued a warning to Javier Milei, the live wire new president of Argentina.

"I will reiterate that the UK stands firmly behind the Falkland Islanders' rights of self-determination, as an important part of the British family," Rutley said, as he was due to meet the governor, Alison Blake, and members of its legislative assembly.

"The Falkland Islands has a flourishing economy and is making great strides in the fight against climate change, which I look forward to learning about first-hand."

Mr Milei has already described Argentina's claimed sovereignty over the islands.
Mr Milei has already described Argentina's claimed sovereignty over the islands. Picture: Alamy

Argentina’s Secretary for Malvinas Guillermo Carmona condemned the decision for the British representative to visit during the President’s inauguration.

He said: "The Argentine Foreign Ministry rejected the visit to the Malvinas by the Under-Secretary for the Americas, the Caribbean, and Overseas Territories of the Foreign Office, David Rutley.

"He will represent the UK at Milei's presidential inauguration.

"It's not a joke, it's a provocation."

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In his victory speech in November, Mr Milei promised Argentina that "the reconstruction of Argentina begins.

"Today is a historic night for Argentina.

“Now we have to see how we are going to get them back. It is clear that the war option is not a solution.”

Caller objects to the EU's decision to sign the deal using the Falklands' Argentine name

The Falklands are a British overseas territory, which Argentina invaded in 1982, sparking a military response from the UK. More than 900 people died in the ensuing war, which resulted in the islands remaining under British control.

The population of the Falklands, which are 300 miles off the coast of Argentina in the South Atlantic, voted overwhelmingly to remain British in a 2013 referendum.

Mr Milei suggested the UK could hand over the Falklands in the same way it gave back Hong Kong to China in 1997.

The population of the Falklands voted overwhelmingly to remain British in a 2013 referendum.
The population of the Falklands voted overwhelmingly to remain British in a 2013 referendum. Picture: Alamy

However, he has accepted the islanders' views "cannot be ignored".

Meanwhile, the Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly have said that the islands' were British - and this is non-negotiable.

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Mark Pollard, from the group, said: "We, the democratically elected members, are very clear that discussions on our sovereignty are non-negotiable.

"Falkland Islanders are clear in their desire to remain as a British Overseas Territory and our commitment to being part of the UK family, living in freedom under the government of our choice".

Downing Street has already said the Falklands issue "was settled decisively some time ago".

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