'Just Stop P*****g people off!': Counter-protesters surround eco-mob to stop their latest slow march stunt

20 July 2023, 10:35 | Updated: 20 July 2023, 10:57

The counter-protest took place in southeast London
The counter-protest took place in southeast London. Picture: Just Stop Oil
Kieran Kelly

By Kieran Kelly

A group of counter-protestors have surrounded Just Stop Oil activists preparing to block traffic on London's roads, telling them to "stop p*****g everyone off".

Footage posted online by Just Stop Oil (JSO) show over a dozen counter-protestors surrounding activists, who then take to the floor to shout their arguments through a megaphone.

One JSO activist told the counter-protestors how she was arrested for demonstrating in London yesterday but said she was back out because "it is our democratic right to do so".

A brief argument broke out between activists and counter-protestors, with one JSO member shouting: "How long are you willing to stand there?"

The counter-protestors then insisted the activists were free to leave as they were not being held captive.

Another counter-protester then insisted: "Just stop p****** people off!"

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JSO said they were surrounded as they were preparing to begin a protest in Elephant & Castle, southeast London, but were allowed to carry on after justifying their actions.

A spokesperson for JSO said: "Supporters of Just Stop Oil were met with a counterprotest while preparing to slow march in Elephant & Castle, but after explaining their reasoning for demanding an end to new oil and gas, the counter-protesters dispersed."

Just Stop Oil compare oil and gas bosses to holocaust architects

It comes after Just Stop Oil compared oil and gas giants to the Nazis as they announced legal action against executives who are ‘facilitating genocide’.

Standing on Parliament Square, six activists made the announcement that they would begin to collect evidence against them to put in front of a court of law.

In a statement, mum-of-two Chloe Naldrett said: “Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi, at his trial sought to defend himself by saying that he didn’t kill Jews because he was only in charge of transporting them to the death camps.

"The judges threw out this obscene defence and he was hanged.“When those in charge today go to court in the coming years, they will claim that they only facilitated the continued use of oil and gas and coal.

"They will argue that they never directly killed the millions who are already dying and will continue to die of starvation, floods, drought, wildfires and deadly heat."

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In a separate protest on Wednesday, a furious motorist lashed out with his fists and swung a kick at the head of a JSO protester during the group’s latest disruptive action on the streets of London.

In shocking footage, a passenger of a Mercedes traveling in the opposite direction to a glow-slow protest crossed the street to launch an attack on one of the protesters, apparently after the car he was in was hit by another vehicle.

The man, wearing a red hat, marches over to the protester, lashing out at him, shoving him to the ground, before swinging a kick at him as he lies on the floor, sending the protester's phone flying across the tarmac.

After being shoved to the floor the protester curls up on the road and covers his head as he tries to protect himself.The man can be heard shouting at the protester: "Stop f***ing recording me."