We're praying for good weather: William reveals Coronation wish on visit to the pub with Kate

4 May 2023, 17:27

Prince William spoke to royal fans during a pub trip
Prince William spoke to royal fans during a pub trip. Picture: Alamy

By Will Taylor

Prince William has his "fingers crossed" for good weather ahead of Saturday's Coronation, as he quipped the royals are looking forward to a "quiet weekend".

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The Prince and Princess of Wales visited an iconic pub in Soho to see how they are preparing for King Charles' crowning.

Hundreds of people gathered behind barriers outside the Dog and the Duck with a heavy police presence as royal fans waited to get a glimpse of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Speaking outside, William said he was feeling "good" and added: "Fingers crossed, good weather as well."

He added that he was "praying for good weather".

Meanwhile, Prince George is excited about being a page of honour.

Kate told royal fans: "He is actually. Having done a few rehearsals, I think everyone is a bit more relaxed."

The Prince and Princess of Wales decided to visit the pub to see how they are preparing ahead of the Coronation on Saturday and and greeted the hundreds that had gathered before going into the pub.

Princess of Wales enamoured with bystander Susan's dog ahead of coronation

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As the Princess greeted royal fans, she was stopped in her tracks after noticing a woman's dog in the crowd.

Susan, who owns the dog 'Hattie', told LBC: "[Kate] was absolutely beautiful.

"She was making a fuss of the dog, she asked what breed she was. She asked what we were going to be doing over the weekend.

"She hoped that we weren't going to get too wet because the weather isn't going to be too good, possibly."

"She was just beautiful," Susan added.

Kate obsesses over 'Hattie' in the crowd
Kate obsesses over 'Hattie' in the crowd. Picture: Getty

'William pours a good pint'

Kate and William pour a pint in the Dog and Duck, Soho
Kate and William pour a pint in the Dog and Duck, Soho. Picture: Kensington Royal/Twitter

According to Dog and Duck manager Chris Watts, both Kate and William had a pint of cider.

William then poured a pint behind the bar.

Asked by LBC's Henry Riley if he would hire William, Mr Watts said: "Absolutely, 100 per cent. It was a really nice pint."

"What an experience...it's something I'll remember for the rest of my life," Mr Watts added.

The couple also took London's transport network to reach the pub.

They boarded the Elizabeth Line in Acton, west London, and alighted at Tottenham Court Road, which is around a ten-minute walk or eight-minute drive.

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While on the tube, they spoke to TfL workers to see how they are preparing for the Coronation.

The Dog and Duck in Soho opened in 1897 and was known to have been used by the likes of John Constable and George Orwell.

Bobby, from Texas, who is in London on holiday for the coronation, told LBC: "We woke up an opened our window and were like ‘what’s all the commotion.

"I shook her hand and she touched me. She asked me how I liked the weather."

She said she was 'very nice, very beautiful."

Hundreds gathered outside the Soho pub
Hundreds gathered outside the Soho pub. Picture: LBC

Prince and Princess of Wales visit Dog and Duck pub in Soho

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Coronation flypast could be cancelled

The Red Arrows
The Red Arrows. Picture: Alamy

The weather was partly sunny and warm as royal fans waited to catch a glimpse of the couple's visit to the pub.

But there are concerns the King's Coronation flypast could be cancelled due to bad weather.

Though the Met Office has said the weather is difficult to predict, rain is expected throughout the day.

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The wet conditions could cause disruption for thousands planning on lining the streets to celebrate the King's coronation, with the flypast potentially being called off completely.

Around 60 different types of aircraft will gather including The Red Arrows, 16 helicopters and the magnificent Spitfires from the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will take part.

But only working royals will be allowed to appear on the balcony for the event, meaning Prince Harry and Prince Andrew will not be present.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: "As is always the case for flypasts of this type, the latest weather information will be obtained, and weather checks will take place in advance of the main flypast on Saturday.

"Depending on the weather there are a number of contingencies in place."