Caller's incredibly emotional thanks to NHS workers caring for his mother

9 April 2020, 21:20

By Fiona Jones

This caller moved Iain Dale to tears when he gave an incredibly emotional thanks to NHS workers who are caring for his mother - he urged people to stay inside so they wouldn't have to experience his pain.

The caller Andre shared with Iain that his 83 year old mother has been rushed to hospital having had difficulty breathing, a temperature and high blood pressure. Thankfully, she's stable and has been swabbed for coronavirus.

"I want to thank the care home workers, the care home person who called me at 2:45 this morning, the wonderful doctor I spoke to at Chelsea and Westminster. It's a waiting game now."

Andre shared he's been on his own for three weeks; he thanked the shop workers who are still working and video call services so he's able to see his beautiful fiance in India.

"If I can deal with this...other people can do it too. I don't know what's going to happen to my mum," he said tearfully, "the only time I will get a chance to see if she's close to death."

Tonight LBC clapped for the brilliant NHS workers
Tonight LBC clapped for the brilliant NHS workers. Picture: PA

He shared that if that is the case, he may be able to see her for five minutes for one last time in protective equipment.

"I want to thank all the wonderful people out there," said Andre, "for those of you who are abusing this...there are people who have got a tough time including the wonderful people in the public service. I want to pray for my mum and thank everyone who is looking after her."

Iain said that all LBC listeners are sending him a virtual hug during this awful time.

"I think anybody who is going out this weekend and ignores your message really need to think about themselves because it's just not fair on everybody else," Iain said, and encouraged people to pray for Andre's mother.

Andre also thanked Iain and LBC as a "lifeline" full of "very special people."