Dame Margaret Hodge reveals who she is backing for Labour leader

6 January 2020, 22:01 | Updated: 7 January 2020, 07:11

Dame Margaret Hodge told Iain Dale that she wanted Labour's next leader to offer something "completely different".

The veteran Labour MP said that we 'need a strong opposition for our democracy to function well', and that the party 'hasn't had that under Jeremy Corbyn as our leader'.

Dame Margaret Hodge went on to say: "I am a member of the Labour Party because I believe in the labour values. I want those labour values to be enacted in government." She then said that the leader had to be someone who would aspire and move towards leadership.

The Labour MP for Barking then revealed that because "we need a very charismatic person" she was therefore backing Jess Phillips. She said that Ms Phillips was "completely different" and she contrasted with "traditional politicians".

Margaret Hodge revealed who she wanted to replace Jeremy Corbyn
Margaret Hodge revealed who she wanted to replace Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: PA / LBC

Dame Margaret Hodge also said that Jess Phillips "connects incredibly well with people", "she is clear that it's about Labour values", "she is very honest", "she is incredibly direct" and that she has the "personality and values" needed.

Iain Dale then questioned the Labour MP on claims that she was "not a team player" and a "maverick". Margaret Hodge hit back saying that the claims were unfair and that she had worked with her very closely on issues like Europe and domestic violence.

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