'Deprivation is the real divide' says President of Royal College of GPs

6 April 2023, 21:25

President of the Royal College of GPs tells Iain Dale how the ‘most deprived areas’ suffer the most

By Anna Fox

Patients in poorer areas will be affected by limited and underfunded services.

When questioned by Iain Dale, as to whether "rural patients" received a more 'personalised' GP service, Professor Dame Clare Gerada replied: "you are right, and wrong".

Continuing Dame Clare said: "People in rural areas tend to be better off, and they tend to be older and if you're older and better off you get more resources because you're fitter at an older age, so you don't need as much.

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"However, someone in the city, who's young and sick uses an awful lot of resources".

Dame Clare touched on the issue of "deprivation" and stated that whether the areas are "seaside towns" or "the middle of London" services are affected due to "fewer doctors, fewer staff and harder work".

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Their conversation follows a major government review which suggests "national contracts" present a "significant barrier" to local innovation.

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Former health secretary and Government adviser Patricia Hewitt commissioned the report, recommending that NHS England and the Department of Health should imminently convene a national partnership group to develop a new framework for GP primary care contracts.