Iain Dale Scolds Celebrities Who Say Exam Results Do Not Matter

24 August 2017, 17:40 | Updated: 24 August 2017, 18:05

Iain Dale scorned celebrities for discounting exam results in this incredibly passionate tirade - claiming it made him “sick”.

It’s GCSE results day and overall pass rates have fallen amid the biggest reforms of the exams in a generation.

The percentage of 16 year olds gaining a C or above was at 66.3 per cent - down by 0.6 per cent.

This year, students in England have been graded 9 to 1 for their Maths and English, instead of A* to G.

A new trend appears to be emerging where celebs instantly taking to social media whenever its results day - which has left Iain seething.

“If I was a celebrity I might be tweeting ‘My grades weren’t particularly brilliant, but I’ve done alright in life - haven’t it’, I’ve seen dozens or celebrities saying things life that!

“I think that is completely irresponsible because it sends out the message that exams do not matter in the long-term, that grades do not matter in the long-term and let me tell you that they do.”

The LBC presenter said without good grades, students would find it difficult to take A-levels or get an apprenticeship, struggle with university and ultimately may fail to land their dream job.

“So anybody who tries to pretend that GCSEs do not matter, they are not doing anyone a service.

“Frankly these celebrities who do this really do make me sick.”