Labour MP refuses SIX TIMES to condemn China for Uyghur genocide

2 December 2021, 15:12

Labour MP confronted over failure to condemn Uyghur persecution

By Seán Hickey

This is the moment Labour MP Richard Burgon denied to condemn the CCP for the Uyghur genocide six times.

On LBC's Cross Question, the topic of discussion turned to how the world should handle the rise of China.

Conservative MP Tim Loughton was scathing in his criticism of the Chinese Communist Party, namely around how the Belt and Road Initiative threatens the sovereignty and stability of many developing nations.

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Richard Burgon MP tried to generalise the discussion, noting that "things can be said that have a damaging impact", stating that many Chinese people have faced more racist abuse as a result of a rise in Sinophobia.

The Labour MP condemned the language of Mr Loughton, noting that "we've got to be very careful" about how we discuss the topic.

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"There's things that the government of the United States has done historically that we profoundly disagree with" Mr Burgon stated.

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The Tory MP countered that the US are "not committing genocide, not killing millions of their own citizens" whereas Parliamentary inquiries have found the CCP of doing so.

"Everything you've said, you could say in the states. Anything I've said, you couldn't say in China" Mr Loughton stated.

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"I haven't heard one single condemnation of anything the Chinese government has done" Iain pointed out.

Mr Loughton then asked Mr Burgon whether he believed the CCP committed genocide against the Uyghurs. The Labour MP was asked six times, while he reiterated his earlier points.

"Why do you find it so difficult to utter one word of condemnation about anything to do with China? I find it astonishing" Iain concluded.