Caller's argument undone for refuting claim that Uighur atrocities are evil

27 December 2020, 16:33

By Seán Hickey

This is the moment Maajid Nawaz unravelled the arguments of a caller who was apprehensive in accepting the Uighur atrocities as evil.

David told Maajid Nawaz that there is no doubt in his mind that the Chinese government is "abusing human rights," in their treatment of the Uighur Muslims, but added that he didn't think it could be compared to the Holocaust.

Maajid was confused by the caveat: "You don't think this is a uniquely evil regime but Nazi Germany was." Maajid argued that scale is irrelevant if the crime itself is being committed.

"I don't think China is on the same scale," the caller maintained.

Maajid told David that it cannot be avoided that the CCP is "involved in genocide," and whether it is comparable in size to the 1940s should not be a stipulation in acknowledging the events.

He went on to list for the caller some of the atrocities the Chinese regime have been accused of. "If I've just given you that information and I'm not lying to you...would that not make the Chinese regime uniquely evil?"

"I don't know if it would," the caller said.

"I think there are worse things going on in the world," he added, telling Maajid that he would "have to do the research" before coming down on either side.

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Evidence is being gathered on atrocities committed against Uighur Muslims in China
Evidence is being gathered on atrocities committed against Uighur Muslims in China. Picture: PA

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Maajid turned the screw again, asking hypothetically if David would accept the evil of the regime if the information was true. The caller said that hypothetically, he would.

"My perspective is China's major crime is that it's going to be the major economy," he argued, turning the tables, arguing that the criticisms of the CCP are because the west feels threatened by the rising power.

"A crime is genocide and you seem to be struggling to accept that," Maajid countered.

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