'Let's not just respect England footballers taking the knee. Let's support them doing it'

12 July 2021, 22:15

Labour MP calls for support of England footballers taking the knee

By Sam Sholli

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw has called on people to support England footballers taking the knee and condemn those who boo them for doing so.

The Labour MP made the remark while appearing on Cross Question.

His words have come as Marcus Rashford, Jaden Sancho and Bukayo Saka have been subjected to racist abuse on social media after the trio missed penalties in Sunday's Euro 2020 final penalty shootout.

Mr Bradshaw said he thinks the England players "have done really well to withstand some of the pressure they came under and some of the criticism they faced for taking the knee".

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Boris Johnson condemns racist abuse directed at England footballers

He said: "They stuck with their guns. They've made clear it's not associating themselves with any particular political party or particular movement. It's simply about standing up for racial equality.

"And I cannot understand why any politician of any respectable political party should have a problem with that.

"Let's not just respect it. Let's support them doing it and condemn those people who boo them for doing it."

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