Irish MP brands Lord Frost's Brexit speech 'absolutely lousy'

12 October 2021, 20:39

Irish politician attacks Lord Frost's 'lousy' Brexit speech

By Seán Hickey

Lord Frost's proposal to scrap and replace the NI Protocol 'smacks of arrogance' according to Fine Gael's spokesperson on European Affairs.

"What do you make of the timing of lord frost's speech?" Iain Dale asked Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond following the UK's chief negotiator Lord David Frost's demand for the Northern Ireland Protocol to be amended.

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"Both the timing and content of the speech are absolutely lousy" Mr Richmond said.

"The European Commission is preparing to present a really generous set of proposals tomorrow to ensure the protocol will work as easily as possible for the people of Northern Ireland.

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"What we've had instead is Lord Frost upping the ante and coming out prematurely with a whole opinion of trying to drop the protocol altogether."

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The Fine Gael spokesperson on European Affairs said that Lord Frost's speech was "really disappointing" from an Irish perspective.

"This is very much one of the darker days" of the Brexit process the Irish MP added.

He went further to say that there was "no thoughtfulness in this speech" and Lord Frost was reckless to make it.

The politician didn't hold back. He believed the fact Lord Frost made today's speech "without discussing this with anyone in the Irish Government, in the European Commission, or within the political system in Northern Ireland smacks of a level of arrogance we're really disappointed by."