Pro-Putin Caller Gets VERY Worked Up During Encounter With Iain Dale

20 March 2018, 19:22 | Updated: 20 March 2018, 19:38

Iain Dale branded this pro-Putin caller a “Russian stooge” during one of his most intense rows on the subject to date.

The LBC presenter managed to keep his cool during the exchange, but Ronnie from Pimlico found himself getting more and more worked up.

The encounter left listeners in a state of bemusement, with many instantly taking to social media.

Earlier in the show, Iain screwed up a copy of Jean-Claude Juncker’s congratulatory letter to the Russian president on his re-election.

So Ronnie phoned LBC to offer his best wishes to the Russian president.

At one point, Iain was left so gobsmacked by what the caller way saying he declared: “Here we go, the voice of Putin on British radio!”

The tempreture did not stop increasing during the pair's clash - and you can watch it in full above.