Tory MP reveals bill to examine BBC bias

6 February 2020, 14:45 | Updated: 6 February 2020, 14:52

MP Peter Bone has revealed he will propose a bill in The Commons to question the BBC's impartiality, challenging why a person has to pay for the broadcaster even if they don't watch or listen to it.

After revelations that the licence fee will go up by £3 and OAPs will now have to pay the fee, there's been debate on whether the state broadcaster should still be publicly funded

Speaking to Iain Dale, Mr. Bone outlined his plan to bring a proposal to MPs to investigate the impartiality of the BBC, and whether the public should pay for the institution if it doesn't speak to people of all backgrounds and opinions.

"They were institutionally for remain and they don't know it" Mr. Bones claimed. He said this after asking why people should pay for the BBC if they don't watch or listen to it, but subscribe to other services which they do use.

The MP proposed that the corporation should become a subscription service rather than an obligatory payment.

Peter Bone believes BBC should be a subscription service
Peter Bone believes BBC should be a subscription service. Picture: PA

Iain put that most of the media is a liberal institution, backing up the argument. He thinks "75 to 80% of BBC employees voted remain", bringing the question of impartiality. Mr. Bone thought that because of that the BBC is not completely independent and proves that the institution cannot serve the whole public.

Mr. Bone, an advocate for the Leave campaign, mentioned he was never invited on Question Time during the election, and that panels leaned towards one way of thinking about Brexit.

The MP for Wellingborough stressed that although audiences may be balanced, its even more important that a panel is also fairly balanced- something he believes the BBC fall down on.

Iain pointed out that the same is true for commercial broadcasting, Peter Bone highlighted that someone doesn't have to pay for such services but has a choice to, which is why nobody should be forced to pay for the product of the BBC.