MPs 'who got drunk' on official Remembrance Day trip criticised by Defence Secretary

11 November 2021, 11:31 | Updated: 11 November 2021, 11:32

Three MP&squot;s have been accused of putting military personnel "in a difficult position"
Three MP's have been accused of putting military personnel "in a difficult position". Picture: Alamy

By Megan Hinton

Three MPs are facing backlash for putting military personnel "in a difficult position" after allegedly getting drunk on an official Remembrance Day trip to Gibraltar.

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Labour MP Charlotte Nichols and SNP MPs Drew Hendry and David Linden have been accused by the Defence Secretary of "undermining respect for Parliament" after the incident.

According to witnesses, the three MPs were allegedly 'clearly drunk' whilst taking part in the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme, after consuming alcohol at the airport lounge and during the flight.

It is also alleged that the SNP MPs became argumentative with airport officials in Gibraltar when querying Covid documentation.

Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Armed Forces and Tory MP, James Gray, told The Times: "These three, as I understand it, were in a British Airways lounge in Heathrow and made full use of the facilities."

Adding that the three MPs were "pretty well-oiled".

A total of 15 MPs attended the trip, which aims to give politicians an insight into military.

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Speaking about the incident, the Defence Secretary said: "This behaviour puts military personnel in a difficult position and risks undermining respect for Parliament."

Warrington North MP Ms Nichols said in a statement to The Sun: "Everyone had had a few drinks on the flight. The issue for me is the medication I am taking.

"That affected my tolerance. I had the same amount to drink as the others. I do not know how many drinks I had - I wasn't counting. It was less than five."

According to a report circulated in the Ministry of Defence, the Labour MP is said to have been so "incapacitated" through drink that she needed to use a wheelchair to get through the airport.

But the SNP dismissed the claims as "false" adding that they had been victim to a "bizarre Tory smear campaign".

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Mr Linden added: "That is a matter for their conscience. I'll focus on doing my job and respecting our troops as we mark Armistice Day."

The SNP said in a statement: "These suggestions are inaccurate. Drew Hendry MP and David Linden MP were honoured to be invited to this important event and attended all engagements, including the welcome meeting and dinner shortly after landing. 

"Instead of trying to divert attention from the Tory corruption scandal engulfing Westminster, Ben Wallace should be apologising for his role in it, including voting to get Owen Paterson off the hook."