Ukraine invasion: Day one as it happened

24 February 2022, 05:31 | Updated: 25 February 2022, 00:09

  • Vladimir Putin said in a televised address early on Thursday that Russia was launching a "special military operation"
  • Explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and have been reported in many other cities as Russia launched strikes against targets including airfields
  • At least 137 people have died in the first day of the invasion and hundreds more have been injured, according to Ukrainian authorities
  • Russian forces have taken the Chernobyl power plant and are trying to take an airport close to Kyiv, the Ukrainian Ambassador has warned
  • Western leaders announced a number of economic sanctions in response
  • Over 1,700 Russian anti-war protesters were arrested on Thursday, mainly in Moscow
War begins as Russia invades Ukraine
War begins as Russia invades Ukraine. Picture: Alamy/Getty

By Will Taylor

Vladimir Putin has ordered a military operation in Ukraine as explosions were heard early on Thursday in the capital of Kyiv.

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Russia has been internationally condemned for what the Ukrainian foreign minister described as a "full-scale invasion".

Mr Putin announced a special military operation during a televised address early on Thursday, saying it was a response to threats posed by Ukraine.

Here's what happened on the first day of the invasion.

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