Alastair Campell: 'Complete charlatan' Boris Johnson must resign over partygate fine

12 April 2022, 19:54

Alastair Campbell destroys Boris Johnson's breaching of his own rules

By Seán Hickey

The Prime Minister is a 'very, very bad human being' and should resign after getting fined for breaching lockdown rules, according to Tony Blair's former communications chief.

"I don't think he has any integrity or any honour or any shame", Alastair Campbell said of Boris Johnson, after the Prime Minister and his Chancellor Rishi Sunak were issued with fines for attending parties during coronavirus lockdown .

"He is a very, very bad human being."

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Tony Blair's former Director of Communications pointed out that the PM "hasn't accepted responsibility" for his actions, in which case the UK has "got at the top of our government somebody who has no moral compass whatsoever."

"The rules do not apply."

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"That's how he's lived his whole life...and it's how he plans to continue living his whole life."

Infuriated, Mr Campbell added that "the guy's a complete charlatan!"

Iain asked Mr Campbell for his reaction to Sir Keir Starmer's response to the controversy, to which the former adviser told listeners "the opposition has got to be far tougher on this government."

He concluded by accusing the government of "deliberately smashing all the rules of public life."