Brexit Party Member "Foaming At The Mouth" Over Lib Dem Remain Claim

27 May 2019, 05:31

This Brexit Party member was livid when a Liberal Democrat MP claimed that Remain parties had achieved good European Election results.

Layla Moran told LBC that the Remain vote in Wales was equal to the Brexit support - and she was taken aback by the furious response from Michael Brown, a former Conservative MP who joined the Brexit Party.

Mr Brown fumed: "Whatever way you cut it in Wales, when you're talking about Swansea, Port Talbot, Cardifff..."

Ms Moran tried to explain, but Mr Brown exploded: "Yeah but, yeah but, yeah but, here we go.

"Don't like the first past the post system, you don't like this version of PR, you got PR.

"Whatever way you cut it, the number of people who voted for Brexit in Wales is dramatic! Got it?"

Michael Brown was in a furious row with Layla Moran
Michael Brown was in a furious row with Layla Moran. Picture: LBC

Iain labelled it the Tobias Ellwood effect after this incident earlier in the show and Ms Moran responded: "It was the spit that was coming out. I'm worried for your health."

Mr Brown insisted: "I foam at the mouth when I hear all this rubbish about whatever way you cut it.

"The fact is, them people, with that stubby pencil and that bit of paper, voted Brexit.

"However much you cut the vote any other way, they voted Brexit. Have you got it?"

The Lib Dem MP pointed out: "We can also add, can't we? So if you add up the parties who are firmly Remain, there is another story to tell there."