Caller Tells Andrea Leadsom: “A Hard Brexit Is NOT The Will Of The People!”

8 February 2018, 17:40 | Updated: 8 February 2018, 17:49

This is the moment the Leader of the House of Commons was grilled by an LBC listener over plans for Britain to leave the single market.

Andrea Leadsom, a prominent Leave campaigner, joined Iain Dale to answer your calls on Thursday.

This led Ben to phone LBC and tell the Tory MP that Theresa May had “no mandate” for what he described as a hard Brexit.

He rejected Ms Leadsom’s argument that it was the “will of the people” to leave both the single market and customs union.

Ben retorted: “Why is that the will of people?

“What right do you have to say that’s the will of the people?

“You don’t know why the Leave voters voted to Leave.”

Andrea Leadsom
Picture: LBC

Ms Leadsom said she “understood” the caller’s perspective, but added: “The people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

“It was absolutely clear during the run up to the referendum on what was meant by that.

“People like David Cameron, Nick Clegg and George Osborne made very clear that leaving the EU meant leaving the single market, leaving the customs union and that was very clear at the time.”

You can watch the full phone-in below: