Deputy leader of Reclaim Party mistakes what party he's Deputy Leader of

2 February 2022, 20:46 | Updated: 2 February 2022, 22:59

Martin Daubney forgets what party he's deputy leader of

By Seán Hickey

This is the moment Martin Daubney gets the name of the party he is Deputy Leader of wrong.

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Iain Dale was giving time to members of the Cross Question panel who are at the helm of smaller political parties. After Gina Miller briefed Iain Dale on the ideology of the True & Fair Party, the floor was given to Martin Daubney, Deputy Leader of the Reclaim Party.

"I think you've joined more parties than Boris Johnson has had illegal lockdown parties" Ms Miller joked, leading Mr Daubney to list his colourful political career.

He pointed out that he has "voted for the Liberal Democrats locally" and the Women and Equalities party on another occasion.

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"And now, I'm Reform", he said, raising the eyebrows of the entire panel.

After Iain asked whether Mr Daubney was correct, he quipped that "it's good to be politically promiscuous."

The Reform Party deputy leader then noted that his party was founded by Laurence Fox, who "had his entire career cancelled because he said white privilege is a myth."