Manchester Arena bombing survivor: 'I don't want to place too much blame on the security'

17 June 2021, 20:26

By Sam Sholli

A Manchester Arena bombing survivor has told LBC that she doesn't want "to place too much blame on the security".

Charlotte Gillis gave her perspective to LBC's Iain Dale, after an inquiry found that security failings led to "missed opportunities" to save the lives of people who died in the Manchester Arena bombing.

She told LBC's Iain Dale: "I have a little bit of a different view to what a lot of others seem to be having.

"I don't want to place...too much blame on the security as I can imagine those people already feel quite a lot of [an[ element of guilt.

"And I would never want to add to that, just purely because...when you're in those sort of situations and you're the one making it out you feel that survivors' guilt.

"So I would never want to push that too much on anyone because it's a terrible feeling."

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