Russia-Ukraine conflict is 'existential' for Vladimir Putin, commentator claims

1 March 2022, 21:58

Russia-Ukraine conflict is 'existential' for Vladimir Putin, commentator claims

By Sam Sholli

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is "existential" for both Ukraine and Vladimir Putin, commentator Benedict Spence has claimed.

Mr Spence made the remark while appearing on LBC's Cross Question.

Mr Spence said: "We talk about this conflict being existential for Ukraine, which it is.

"It's also existential for Vladimir Putin. Anything less than success is humiliation.

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Tom Swarbrick reflects on the Government's policy towards Ukrainian refugees

"And that doesn't mean he goes and he lives in his dacha in political failure. It doesn't mean he gets to go into exile anywhere. It means he dies. Let's be very clear about this.

"So he is going to be very motivated to cling on for as long as he can."

He went on to say: "There are incredibly nasty scenarios where Russia loses and actually there ends up being a sort of internal power struggle in Russia with, as we have established, not very nice political elements in Russia."

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