Schools Risk Being Over-Sensitive By Allowing Girls To Wear Hijabs, Ofsted Chief Says

6 September 2017, 18:35 | Updated: 6 September 2017, 18:37

Teachers are at risk of being “over-sensitive” towards young Muslim girls by allowing them to wear hijabs at school, the Head of Ofsted told LBC.

Last week it was reported that thousands of state primary schools across the country are listing the muslim garment as an item of uniform.

It means girls as young as five are being allowed to wear the religious headscarves as part of the school’s policy, according to The Sunday Times.

During an LBC phone-in on Wednesday afternoon, Amanda Spielman told Iain Dale the revelation could mean some institutions are being excessively cautious around the matter.

She said: “Given that the normal expectation that the hijab is worn from the age of puberty, if very young children are wearing them in school, it says, perhaps, we’re being over sensitive.”

She was speaking after caller Jasvinder shared a harrowing experience of forced marriage and asked Ms Spielman what Ofsted was doing to protect schoolgirls.

Watch the interview above.