Scotland will have second referendum with or without Tory support, SNP MP warns

13 September 2021, 21:47

SNP MP insists there will be IndyRef2 regardless of Tory opinion

By Seán Hickey

This SNP MP issued an ultimatum to the Conservatives: work with the SNP to organise a second referendum or a vote will go ahead without Westminster backing.

Tommy Sheppard was speaking to Iain Dale after Nicola Sturgeon announced she will seek Westminster support for a second independence referendum in Scotland.

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He was replying to guests on Cross Question arguing that not enough time has passed since the last referendum.

"It doesn't really matter if you think circumstances have changed fundamentally or enough" the SNP MP began.

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"The thing that top trumps all of that is what do the people in Scotland actually think and what have they voted for."

Mr Sheppard reminded the panel that a majority of Scots voted for pro-independence parties in the recent Holyrood elections and their voice must be heard.

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"That mandate should be respected" he insisted.

He then handed out some advice: "The best thing for the Conservative government to do in Westminster is to work with the Scottish government to organise that referendum in the sort of way it was done in 2014."

"If they don't, there will be a referendum," he warned, adding "if democracy means anything, then that has to happen."

In the event of a successful referendum that hasn't been supported by Westminster, Mr Sheppard concluded by noting that "it will be for the UK government to decide whether it respects that or not."