Tory Member Becomes Very Angry Defending Boris Johnson To Iain Dale

8 August 2018, 18:46

A fuming Conservative member got himself very worked up as he tried to defend Boris Johnson’s remarks about women wearing burkas to Iain Dale.

Tony from Milton Keynes said the LBC presenter had left him “flabbergasted” for criticising the former Foreign Secretary - who compared Muslim women in face veils to “letterboxes”.

But the caller seemed to become angrier up the pair’s conversation went on.

Iain Dale
Iain Dale. Picture: LBC

“He deserves to be called out on this,” said Iain. “The fact he has gone into hiding, the fact he hasn’t defended himself to me tells me all I need to know.”

“You seem to be getting over excited," Iain added as Tony's temper began to rise further.

“Put your patronising comments aside,” the caller hit back. “You’re pandering to the worst possible elements in our society.”

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