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Sir Keir Starmer spoke to The News Agents podcast about the prospect of becoming the next prime minister.

‘This for me is duty’: Keir Starmer says he’s ‘undaunted’ by prospect of becoming next prime minister

Lewis Goodall

'This is a sweet victory for the Labour Party', says Lewis Goodall as Keir Starmer celebrates Selby success

Lewis Goodall discusses the financial "penalty" of being single.

Does being single impact you financially? Lewis Goodall discusses

Lewis Goodall

'Do we really want to saddle them with this?', asks Lewis Goodall as 28,000 convicted for Covid rule breaches

Lewis Goodall

'Is this Britain's last day as a humane country?', asks Lewis Goodall as Illegal Immigration Bill is finalised

Lewis Goodall

Lewis Goodall questions whether the country 'desires' a Labour government

Conservative peer Lord Gavin Barwell reacts to Boris Johnson's resignation.

'It's literally straight out of Donald Trump’s playbook': Tory Peer says Boris only has himself to blame for resignation

Inheritance Tax

‘You're not paying the tax, you're dead!’: Lewis Goodall educates caller on inheritance tax

Goodall and IEA director

'This is a debate about the super elite!': Lewis Goodall in inheritance tax dispute with IEA director

Stella Creasy

Labour MP calls for a Government of ‘deal makers’ not ‘deal breakers’ to navigate Britain post-Brexit

Lewis Goodall and teacher on vaping

Vaping has become an uncontrollable ‘epidemic’ in schools, reveals this teacher


We should 'praise' Taliban instead of 'beating it down with a stick', journalist tells LBC

Lewis Goodall challenges Robert Oulds

'Your point is ridiculous': LBC's Lewis Goodall challenges think-tank Director's stance on Brexit

'Brexit has been a disaster': says Brexiteer

'Brexit has been a disaster': Brexiteer says UK needs to rejoin EU to gain economic growth

A focus group hosted by LBC's Lewis Goodall investigated the reasons behind Labour's lead in the polls

Tory and Labour voters 'united' against mini Budget but clash on other things including Boris Johnson, LBC finds

Labour could join forces with a number of Tory MPs to change parts of Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng's mini budget

'Multiple' Tory MPs may join forces with Labour to bring down parts of mini budget, writes Lewis Goodall