Biker Left With Hammer Stuck In Helmet After Vicious Robbery Attempt

21 May 2019, 14:17

Shocking footage shows a motorcyclist who was left with a hammer stuck in his helmet following an attempted robbery.

The footage was filmed after a violent attempted bike theft on the Hayes Bypass in West London on Friday.

The video was filmed by a car driver who helped stop the theft by knocking the robbers off their stolen bike with his car. 

In the video, the car driver who stopped the theft pointed to the helmet which had a hammer embedded in it.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said officers were called to reports of a theft and assault on Friday 17 May.

Scotland Yard said: "Officers established that a male suspect had driven off on the stolen moped along with another man who was on a white moped after the robbery took place on Springfield Road shortly after 11.00hrs.

The claw end of the hammer was embedded in the helmet.
The claw end of the hammer was embedded in the helmet. Picture: News Dog Media

"A member of the public pursued the suspects with the victim in his car. On Glencoe Road, one of the suspects fell from his moped before fleeing with the second suspect on the victim's moped.

"Both mopeds used by the suspects were later recovered by police. Both were found to be stolen and subsequently returned to their owners. The victim's moped was located in Greenford."

Police said that no arrests have yet been made and enquiries continue.

Watch the whole shocking video at the top of the page.