Allinson Supports McCluskey After Coyne's "Disgusting" Campaign

21 April 2017, 18:28

After coming third in the race for leader of Unite, Ian Allinson tells Iain Dale that McCluskey is better man for the job.

In the race for the leadership of Unite the union, Len Mcluskey secured 59,067 votes to Coyne's 53,544 votes. Ian Allinson came third with 17,143.

Speaking to Iain Dale after the result, Allinson was heavily critical of Coyne's campaign.

“He had an extremely well funded campaign that frankly disgusted a lot of members. In particular, his writing for The Sun newspaper.”

Allinson said member’s were particularly unhappy about the platforms Coyne had used in his campaign.

“It’s quite shocking really to have a candidate who was standing, using the backing of people who are very hostile to trade unionism.

The close run election, which 12.2% of members voted in, sees Len McCluskey, the main backer of Jeremy Corbyn, stay in power. Allinson welcomed the result.

“I’m very pleased that he [Coyne] has been defeated.”

Gerard Coyne, who did not support Corbyn, was seen as a 'moderate' candidate in the race, was suspended from his post as regional officer yesterday.