This heartbreaking call to Iain Dale ends in the most beautiful way

24 January 2020, 07:27

Iain Dale was left in tears after this bereaved Dad talked about losing his daughter - and the one thing that gave him comfort.

Iain was discussing the government's plan to make it a legal requirement for companies to give two weeks bereavement leave on full pay to parents when they lose a child.

Terry in Heathrow called to tell his story from when his daughter died in a road traffic accident.

He revealed his wife was given five months off work to get over the tragedy - and that is the amount of time they needed.

Iain Dale was left in tears by Terry's heartbreaking call
Iain Dale was left in tears by Terry's heartbreaking call. Picture: LBC

Iain got deeply emotional as Terry spoke about the methods he went through to cope with the bereavement.

But it was the twist at the end that gave Terry comfort that brought Iain to tears.

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