Boris Johnson is like a tin of baked beans, says Tory London AM

31 May 2022, 21:28

Conservative AM says PM is like baked beans

By Seán Hickey

The British people knew they weren't getting 'a tin of caviar' in the supermarket when they voted for Boris Johnson, this London Assembly Member declares.

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On Cross Question on Tuesday night, Iain Dale's panellists were reflecting on Lord Geidt's call on the Prime Minister to explain why he doesn't believe he broke the ministerial code for his involvement in Partygate.

"Do you see any difference now with him being Prime Minister to when he was Mayor?" Iain asked Conservative London Assembly Member Keith Prince.

"No", Mr Prince said, adding that "Boris is marmite."

Having just come through the local election campaign, Mr Prince said that his party "thought that [Partygate] would be the big issue" on the doors of traditional Conservative voters, but the response was mixed.

The London Assembly Member then decided to compare the Prime Minister to supermarket products.

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"When the people of Britain decided to vote for Boris Johnson, it's like going into the supermarket and going to the shelf and finding a can of baked beans" he began, stressing that "they didn't go into the supermarket and buy a tin of caviar."

"Baked beans are of a certain type, aren't they."

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He went on: "It said on the label, baked beans, and that's what you were buying. We knew exactly what Boris was like."

Iain spoke for the rest of the Cross Question panel when he told Mr Prince he had no idea what he meant in his comparison.

"It didn't say caviar on the label, it said baked beans." Mr Prince defiantly reiterated.

"The people have elected Boris and they've opened the can and what's inside? Baked beans."

"They didn't think Boris was this type of particular superhuman being, you know, the highest possible morals of anyone in the world, i.e caviar, he's a can of baked beans and that's what we got."