Coronavirus: What to do if you think you need to be tested

4 March 2020, 16:19

What do you do if you think you might need testing for coronavirus? LBC's expert coronavirus panel answers all your queries.

The symptoms of coronavirus are usually different from the common cold, Dr Sneh Khemka told LBC.

With coronavirus most people get a short-lived fever that lasts 48-72 hours and then they may get a cough afterwards.

Coronavirus sufferers generally don't tend to get the sniffles or a sore throat that people normally get with a cold - which is helpful to differentiate between the two.

A nurse taking swabs at a coronavirus drive through test centre
A nurse taking swabs at a coronavirus drive through test centre. Picture: LBC/PA

Dr Sneh Khemka advised that those with internet access go to the NHS coronavirus online service to complete a questionnaire which will then determine whether you need to call the 111 NHS hotline.

The hotline will then tell you whether you need to be tested for coronavirus.

There are three ways of testing for coronavirus:
- The first is in isolation pods in hospital car parks
- The second is a drive-through service where you can go in your car and get swabbed without leaving the vehicle
- The third way to be tested is sending people to your house if you're unable to get to a test centre