England fans booing other national anthems 'shouldn't happen', Peter Shilton argues

8 July 2021, 20:14

Peter Shilton: England fans booing other national anthems 'shouldn't happen'

By Sam Sholli

England fans booing other teams' national anthems "shouldn't happen", former national team goalkeeper Peter Shilton has told LBC.

He made the remark to LBC's Iain Dale, following England being charged by UEFA after last night's Euro 2020 semi-final.

UEFA has charged England after a laser being shone in the face of Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel and fans booing during the Denmark's national anthem.

UEFA opened disciplinary proceedings following the incidents, with European football's governing body also investigating the lighting of fireworks inside Wembley Stadium.

Speaking of England fans who boo other teams' national anthems, Peter Shilton told LBC: "It shouldn't happen.

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"I don't see the reasoning behind it. If we were playing away and somebody booed our national anthem, it would make you more determined to try and get a good result.

"So I don't think it in any way puts the team off and it's just a ridiculous thing to do.

"I just think that sport is sport and it shouldn't happen."

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