Italian caller tells James O'Brien why he's backing England in the Euro 2020 final

8 July 2021, 16:19

By Fiona Jones

This Italian caller tells LBC the moving reason he is supporting England in the Euro 2020 final.

The England team gave the nation a night to remember on Wednesday after storming into the Euros 2020 final with a 2-1 win against Denmark.

But fans are not just English - an Italian caller is wholeheartedly supporting the team winning in the final against his home country.

Caller Cristiano told James, "They wanted to create value out of their position."

He thinks the England squad really want to silence the booing when they take the knee - and as manager Gareth Southgate's open letter "still hasn't stopped it", the only way to silence it was "to get all the way to the final."

When James suggested that Cristiano will truthfully support Italy, he responded, "No absolutely not, I promise you. [The England team] give me hope, James. People like you, people like them. They give me hope.

"I stand by everything that they represent. I really want them to win."

James reflected, "[There is a sense that there is something measurably different about this generation of players and this squad, it's just a fact isn't it? They are."

"Hope and joy. They really make me joyful and I support them 100%. Not 52-48, 100%."

Triumphant fans were celebrating last night's historic win, which has put them through to their first major final in over 50 years.

An estimated 25.8 million people watched the match at its peak, up from 20.9 million for the quarter-final game against Ukraine.

Footage from Leicester Square showed fans climbing double decker buses, as huge crowds gathered to celebrate the result of the match.

The prime minister Boris Johnson tweeted: "Tonight England played their hearts out. What a fantastic performance from Gareth Southgate’s squad. Now to the final. Let’s bring it home."