Iain Dale's fiery row with caller who demands MPs take a pay cut

9 April 2020, 07:55

By Adrian Sherling

Iain Dale told this caller "inform yourself next time before you ring" after he demanded that MPs and Lords take a pay cut during the coronavirus crisis.

A group of Premier League footballers are raising money to help NHS charities battling coronavirus, after some were criticised for being reluctant to take a pay cut.

Following that, George insisted that seeing the House of Commons is closed, Members of Parliament should give part of their salary back.

Iain Dale told a caller that MPs should not have to take a paycut
Iain Dale told a caller that MPs should not have to take a paycut. Picture: LBC / PA

But Iain pointed out that, while footballers earn up to £350,000 every week, MPs only earn £81,000 per year - a figure well above the national average, but not an outrageously big amount of money.

And he insisted they are leading from the front during the coronavirus pandemic, earning every penny of that salary more than ever before.

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And it was when George then insisted the House of Lords should take a pay cut that Iain got frustrated.

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