Iain Dale's heated debate with caller over diversity in the media

4 June 2020, 15:13 | Updated: 4 June 2020, 18:35

By Adrian Sherling

This woman’s call on race issues was so good, Iain Dale invited her in for a full hour of his show this evening.

Following the Black Lives Matter protest in Hyde Park, Denise called into say that black people simply don't get chances for representation on TV and the radio.

And she said that Iain was partly at fault for that. She said: "I'm a black woman. We're very concerned about our life experience. We're not just facing coronavirus. We're facing coronavirus, plus racism.

"You, as a white man, have no idea what it's like to be a black person in this country and experience discrimination.

"You have no knowledge of it. You say you understand it, but your understanding can only be seen through your own experiences.

"There is no speech station that anyone listens to other than this one. This is the only vehicle. And invariably, every issue about race is articulated through a male, white prism. And as a consequence of that, you have a skewed exercise."

Iain invited the caller to co-host his show tonight
Iain invited the caller to co-host his show tonight. Picture: LBC / PA

Iain responded: "I would like to see a more diverse presenter line-up on all radio stations. We are not alone in this. I would like to see that and I've made this point to the people who make these decisions."

Denise told him: "I'm putting myself forward for the job. I'd love to take the job."

So Iain thought there was only one thing to do - to invite Denise on for a full hour of his show tonight.

Tune in tonight from 7pm.