Iain Dale's Confrontation With Anjem Choudary

16 August 2016, 18:03 | Updated: 25 August 2016, 18:08

n 2013, Anjem Choudary came on LBC and Iain Dale didn't hold back in confronting the hate preacher over his shocking views.

The preacher - found guilty today of supporting ISIS - was in The Sun on Sunday at the time after calling for fundamentalists to claim benefits and suggesting that David Cameron should be killed.

A secret video at an East London community centre showed Choudary making the shocking comments but when Iain Dale said he'd been caught "red handed", the cleric continued to defend himself.

"You give Islam a bad name with your hateful rantings," said Iain. "What you're doing is you're promoting hatred against people.

"You cannot stir up hatred."

In the extended interview, the two traded blows over the media, the Queen, Osama bin Laden, homosexuality and more. It's a remarkable interview - and you can hear it all above.

Here's the full interview: