Iain Lashes NHS Bosses For Not Defending Their Record

9 March 2017, 18:21

The NHS has reported its worst month on record for A & E waiting times. Iain Dale wants to know why neither the NHS or the government has the guts to face the media.

"What is Jeremy Hunt doing?" was the killer question one caller posed.

Iain's answer? "He's certainly not speaking on this radio station!"

It sparked the LBC presenter to explain how impossible it was to get a spokesman from the NHS to defend their record.

"The Department of Health said no, that NHS England were dealing with this. They wouldn't come on the programme.

"I think that's an absolute disgrace. When these figures come out today, the least that NHS England can do is actually come on and defend their record.

"All they said was: we went on a programme at lunchtime and we've issued a statement. Well thanks a lot!

"The hundreds of thousands of people that listen to this programme, they deserve an explanation from the government and NHS England as to why things haven't got better."